Q Life Magazine Q Magazine: A new chapter for growth | Page 12

The 2022 World Cup will allow us to showcase these achievements internationally, and grow future partnerships – besides being a fantastic sporting event. We look forward to hosting this jewel in the sporting crown, which is already driving a climate of national optimism and pride. On another note, Qatar ranks tenth globally in terms of the strength of its institutions. It is therefore the perfect destination for international businesses looking to invest globally. We are not content when keeping still, however. Qatar is taking important steps to make our nation even more attractive as a place to invest. We have introduced a digital portal called the Single Window to reduce the bureaucratic burden on countries and individuals seeking to invest in Qatar. This will greatly decrease the time spent on paperwork by new investors, streamlining procedures and introducing a one-stop-shop. All licenses and approvals will be dealt with through this portal, across all sectors. Previously, several applications were necessary. This is just one example of our attempts to modernise and innovate when it comes to inward investment. We understand business, and we understand your needs. Let me turn to our special relationship with Germany. Qatar values Germany as a political and trading partner, and would like to build on this already successful relationship. My nation also hopes to seek out more investment opportunities in Germany. This Forum is the next step in a wonderful relationship between our two countries. We hope to further our economic ties and cooperation, for the greater good. It is an alliance that, I am convinced, will go on to bear fruit for generations to come. We look forward to doing business together. 12 13