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| Qatar-Germany Business and Investment Forum The objective of the Forum is two-fold, he says. “First to attain commercial benefits to both parties, second to enhance the political, economic and cultural cooperation between Germany and Qatar.” Qatar Airways also played a key role in growing Qatar’s relationship with Germany, notably by cooperating with German firms in aviation and technology.” He expects the Forum to deliver results. “Our expectations are positive. It is our strong belief that Qatar offers exceptional opportunities to potential investors, a high standard of living, a secure environment and a gateway to the sub-continent markets of Asia. Such a business climate attracts investors.” There are over 300 German firms currently established in Qatar, including Allianz, Audi, Deutsche Bank, BMW, Siemens, Thyssen Krupp, Solar World and Wintershall. Currently, Germany is amongst Qatar’s largest trading partners, with bilateral trade reaching €1.9 billion, and imports to Qatar reaching €1.8 billion. German firms operate in Qatar across various fields, ranging from the sporting industry to banking, science, technologies, research, engineering, construction, automotive, local public transportation, and more. A win-win situation Qatari companies and joint ventures are also growing rapidly in Germany. The Forum is set to draw more German companies to Qatar and build a solid foundation for further Qatari-German joint ventures and partnerships. That is surely the definition of a win-win situation. His Excellency says: “We have recently witnessed growing educational and cultural relations between the two countries, mainly through university cooperation. His Excellency Mr Ali Shareef Al Emadi, Minister of Finance of the State of Qatar, says that greater economic collaboration between Qatar and Germany is mutually beneficial. I t is a unique collaboration. Both are world economic leaders. Qatar is among the fastest growing economies in the world. Germany has long been Europe’s economic powerhouse. His Excellency Al Emadi says: “The Qatar – Germany Business and Investment Forum is a wonderful opportunity both for Germany and Qatar. We are thrilled and honoured to host this Forum. According to His Excellency Mr Ali Shareef Al Emadi, Minister of Finance of the State of Qatar, the two countries are perfectly placed to complement one another. He hopes that Qatar’s inaugural German Investment Forum will be the setting for these plans to come to fruition. To the German business community, it opens doors to access a growing market in a strategic geographic location. To Qatar, it enhances its technological know- how and equally opens doors to additional European conglomerates to have a presence in Qatar.” 14 15